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rare breed

noun: rare breed; plural noun: rare breeds

a person or thing with characteristics that are uncommon among their kind; a rarity.
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Rare Breed MMA was established 2014 because of our passion for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. We’ve been training together for many years and when the opportunity arose to continue the legacy that was passed onto us we felt it was our obligation to do so.

To us, Martial Arts has brought much to our lives so it was a no brainer. Passing on the skills we’ve learned through-out these many years, and helping each other progress to the next level is our art.

The next generations of martial artists’ that walk through our doors will not only benefit from all that we have been through but, they will use it to succeed. They will not just learn the skills of mixed martial arts but, they’ll learn what it means to be a Rare Breed.

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